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Ethical leadership and a commitment to honest business has resulted in Vennmas LLC becoming a trusted partner within the oil and gas industry.


Under periods of stress, Vennmas LLC prides itself on mental composure and clear-minded problem solving.


Vennmas LLC is a prime example of dedication and drive despite challenges. It’s precisely why we’ve continued to be successful over the long-run.


Through encouraging creative problem-solving and application, Vennmas LLC is able to continually grow and capitalize on present opportunities.


Vennmas LLC consistently seeks outs and applies emerging technologies to enhance both existing operations as well as new acquisitions and opportunities.

At Vennmas LLC, we are always looking for accredited investors who share our confidence in the oil and gas industry. With our knowledgeable, aggressive and widespread approach to oil and natural gas production, we have options that appeal to a wide range of partners and investors.