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Oil extraction in the U.S. is as important and as flourishing an industry as ever. Oil is still by far one of the most popular and reliable sources of energy, and energy needs both in the United States and across the global stage are growing dramatically with the advances in technology and the expansion of the global marketplace.

For this reason, the best oil production companies are constantly looking for new sources of oil, new opportunities to extract oil and new methods to extract oil, as well as being sure to take advantage of all the existing effective methods and tools for oil extraction that they can.

Shale Oil Extraction

Vennmas LLC is such a company. We are constantly expanding our reach, our technology, and our extraction efforts when it comes to oil in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, the Rocky Mountains and other oil-rich areas throughout Colorado and beyond. Some of those efforts are in the area of shale oil extraction. How does shale oil extraction differ from crude oil extraction?

First, it’s important to differentiate between shale oil extraction and oil shale extraction, which is another name for kerogen extraction. Kerogen is a substance underneath the ground that is the product of fossilized flora and fauna. When extracted and superheated, it can be converted to crude oil, but sufficiently safe and cost-effective methods of doing this are still being perfected.

Shale oil extraction is another matter. Shale oil is already crude oil, and the name “shale oil” just refers to the manner in which it is extracted and where it is located. We find shale oil trapped between layers of shale rock or other dense substances in the earth, like siltstone or mudstone. Using processes like high-pressure pumps to fracture the shale and horizontal drilling, we are able to release that valuable oil from the shale to add it to our crude oil stock.

Shale oil extraction can be a very profitable and useful segment of an overall oil extraction strategy. We can drill down to reach the shale oil and only invest in extraction when it becomes profitable to do so. In this way, we can make sure we always have access to another reserve of oil when we need it.

The Vennmas LLC Advantage

It is having experts in oil extraction and the willingness and desire to explore growth opportunities in oil extraction that has made Vennmas LLC so successful in the oil and gas extraction industry. We are always looking to join our efforts with accredited investors who recognize the benefits of U.S. oil and gas exploration to expand our reach even further.

Oil Extraction Opportunities

The time to get in on oil extraction and production is right now. As more investors and companies recognize that there can still be tremendous profits to be had in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and surrounding area oil extraction, opportunities may shrink. Right now, however, they are plentiful. To find out more, call us at (+1) 469 444 9962 or request more information from our contact form.

At Vennmas LLC, we are always looking for accredited investors who share our confidence in the oil and gas industry. With our knowledgeable, aggressive and widespread approach to oil and natural gas production, we have options that appeal to a wide range of partners and investors.